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Monday, December 28, 2009

I've been naughty....

get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking about holiday eating of course. I have been indulging more than usual, and the giant pile of goodies on our kitchen counter is not making things any easier. (it takes all my will power to resist the peppermint candy oreo's from Trader Joe's)

Last night I was up late, watching tv and surfing the net, and I had a sudden craving. Did I let it pass? No. Did I go downstairs to find something healthy-ish? No. I got old costco birthday cake out of the mini fridge...and scooped out a piece with a plastic cup....I couldn't take the time to walk downstairs and get a fork...I wanted that cake.

It tasted fantastic.

For about 2 minutes.

And then it was a little rock in my stomach. I know better. I know that if I had stepped back, and walked downstairs to get a fork, I would have found something healthier to eat. So the trick next time is to wait 5 minutes. Okay, at least try to wait 5 minutes.

So I have been writing about goals lately. Mostly pre-new years goals. And I have 2! I have already started both changes!

Goal One: Run at least twice a week.
Yep. I am committing myself to this. And one of the reasons is the Shamrock Run. I am putting a group together to participate named TEAM AWESOME PANTS. (you have to wear awesome pants...obviously) I really want to jog the whole thing. Right now I do a lot of interval stuff, but I think it would feel amazing to just go. To push my body. To get over the mental hurdles and find my zone...while wearing awesome pants:)

Goal Two: Dance more.
I love dancing. Every time I saw the nutcracker as a kid, I would twirl back to the car with visions of myself on stage. I love Riverdance(stop judging me), I love watching anyone dance, and I watched So You Think You Can Dance for the first time this fall. And I want to dance. Right now that just means I dance at home alone, but I am hoping to join some classes....maybe try zumba for the first time....maybe try a little hip hop...who knows?

So those are my life goals right now. And of course, try not to eat cake unless I want it badly enough to get a fork.

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  1. Well Jess, there are no calories in "the gutter" and you might like it :)

    Running is the best way to make our butts smaller, I've been running for years, and it works.

    Good luck woth the body plan!