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Saturday, July 10, 2010

the sun has arrived!

It's finally sunny in Portland. THANK YOU GOD! I've been less hungry during the heat, but there is one problem with summer...ice cream.

Okay, it's not a problem exactly, and I'm a year-round ice cream eater no matter the weather....but i'll be damned if the sun dappling through the leaves into my window doesn;t make me think of fudge ripple...or half-baked...or the entire Ben And Jerry's section in my local grocery store where pints are on sale for 2.27.

It's bad. I want it all the time. But I do have two things looming in the future that are (kinda) keeping me in check. 1)the wedding. Specifically, the bridesmaid dress that is a size 14 and fits me! Woot woot! I could be a little smaller and fit better, but at this point, I'm all for maintaining and having fun! 2)my run! It's coming up and I need to train in the heat and push myself to be sore more often.

Good luck to you all in your enjoyment of summer!