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Monday, June 6, 2011

I did it! Sorta..kinda.

My salad challenge is over, and while I did not even out to 2 salads a week for a month, I did eat 10 salads in the last month! So Let's celebrate by looking at my cool pictures of some veggies!
Nummerz! Yes, I did just type that. I liked attempting this goal so much, I'm doing it for another month. Hopefully that, combined with running and pilots workouts from Netflix will keep toning me down. And of course, rocking out to this fabulous song my sister put on her blog.
(Did I mention my sister has a blog? It's fabulous, funny, and she posts multiple times a week. Yes, I am admitting my sister rocks at something I have proven to be completely mediocre at. Not the first time. Damn your talent Kelly!)