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Monday, August 29, 2011

More Specific Goals

So I realized something as I was flipping through a 3 year old fitness magazine. I've stopped being specific in my fitness/weight goals. Sure, I said: I want to be under 180lbs by my cousins wedding(I totally was, thankyouverymuch). And I want to say: I will be under 170lbs by Thanksgiving.

But HOW will I do that? Running? Trying to eat healthier? Drinking less? These are phrases I can think and say. They sound nice. They sound easy-ish. And that's what losing weight is if nothing else. Easy.

Bwahahahahaha! Yeah, no.

I recently saw a goal pyramid on Pinterest that inspired me(Please forgive me for not pinning it or tracking down the pictures, it's proving to be difficult). It was structured something like this:

I will run a 5k in December.

I will run more than 10 miles every week.
I will strength train.

I will run Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.
The Sunday run will be a long run, the Tuesday an interval run, Thursday is my call.
Mondays I will do a weight lifting class at the gym.
Fridays I will do pilates and free weights after work.

I will buy myself a new sports bra the week before the 5k.

I really like this structure because it doesn't just list the goal, it lists how the goal will be achieved. It specifies the kind of work needed, and gives a structure to achieving the goal. It's also encouraging to see a reward at the bottom of the goal pyramid. It doesn't have to be buying something, it could easily have been, "feel like a badass for running a 5k." Whatever you want to give yourself.

I'm working on constructing one or two of these. And I think I know the top of one of them.

I will weigh under 170lbs by Thanksgiving.