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Monday, October 25, 2010

A few of my favorite things right now...

I'd like to take this time to share with you a few things I am loving. Like this new blog. And this English house tour. And as ever, this video.

Other what-not that is rocking my socks. right now includes:
My family dog in a cone. She is not amused. But I am!

This adorable glass lamp at a vintage shop. The shade would need replacement, but I love the peach color, and the clear glass look. I tried to echo that in a rather failed project I will post about later.

Jacket and tunic at Kohl's. My awesome friend Mandie used her 30% coupon to help me get the tunic, but the jacket has yet to be mine! I love fall and the clothes that accompany it, don't you?

Three bowls I got for someone's birthday. The are simple, classy, and you can use them for a variety of uses...it's a wonder I even gave them away, when they looked so good on my car seat next to my fabulous flip phone:)

Roasted tomatoes with garlic. That tray is mine!

What are you loving this fall season? What's making you happy this week?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pasta and Pudding...and sharing clothes.

I'm pretty sure I just ate my weight in pasta and pudding. The pasta was whole-wheat with homemade roasted tomato sauce, so that, I don't feel too bad about. But I really need to invest in more desserts to have on hand at home, otherwise I begin making huge portions of random things, usually involving chocolate. And then my tummy hurts.

But in other news. My roomie adn I recently had a party! It was a ladies night in, and we asked our friends to bring any clothes or accessories that they wanted to get rid of to trade! Basically, we laid everything out on the floor and furniture, and then people just tried on things that hit their fancy bone. The below picture is us with some of our new styling clothes.

(did I mention we asked people to wear fancy dresses they probably couldn't wear anywhere else? I mention this in reference to the dress I am sporting...also, I was baking cookies, and the apron made me feel sexy:)

It was great for folks to get some new pieces for their wardrobe without having to spend any money! Later the same week I took a huge tupperware container to Goodwill of the leftovers. What do you do to save money on clothes?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jamie Lee Curtis rocks the house!

I just read an article from Good Housekeeping about Jamie Lee Curtis and her epic house organizing/cleaning, and you so the same here. One of the highlights of visiting my parents house is reading Good Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens, and More. Do I have the tendencies of a 45 year old woman? Yes. But along with those classic magazines, I also love more modern forms of home inspiration, like Young House Love, or Apartment Therapy. That makes me not quite middle age, right? Right?

But back to Jamie Lee Curtis. Her organizing tendencies go way past what I am able to handle, but one idea in particular that I liked was her kitchen storage. She keeps staples, like flour, sugar, etc, in big tupperware containers instead of in their original boxes/bags. This means they stay fresher longer. And you get to label things. And it just looks so darn organized in similar tubs! I just recently cleaned out my kitchen cupboard, but I'm thinking about taking another go at it, and trying some of her ideas. Although I might need more than one bin for chocolate....

How do you organize in you kitchen? Do you buy in bulk or go for the name brands?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Changes in the weather, and in my blog.

It's my favorite season of all! And since I'm not headed back to school or starting a new job, I'm making a change or two in my own life to keep it real y'all.

And this blog is one of them. For a while...okay, months, this blog has lost importance in my health life. I was stressed about other things, I couldn't concentrate, or was too ashamed to write, and it fell apart. I think with the move and my life becoming more full of family and friends and things to do in Portland, I had less need/time for a blog dedicated to something that was no longer as important to me.

Does that make any sense? Basically, this blog is no longer a weight-loss tool for me. But I still love writing, and I have been reading other blogs to keep me inspired. Not only weight-loss blogs, but also budget and home decor/DIY blogs. And I think that might be where this blog is heading...so stay tuned:)