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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jamie Lee Curtis rocks the house!

I just read an article from Good Housekeeping about Jamie Lee Curtis and her epic house organizing/cleaning, and you so the same here. One of the highlights of visiting my parents house is reading Good Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens, and More. Do I have the tendencies of a 45 year old woman? Yes. But along with those classic magazines, I also love more modern forms of home inspiration, like Young House Love, or Apartment Therapy. That makes me not quite middle age, right? Right?

But back to Jamie Lee Curtis. Her organizing tendencies go way past what I am able to handle, but one idea in particular that I liked was her kitchen storage. She keeps staples, like flour, sugar, etc, in big tupperware containers instead of in their original boxes/bags. This means they stay fresher longer. And you get to label things. And it just looks so darn organized in similar tubs! I just recently cleaned out my kitchen cupboard, but I'm thinking about taking another go at it, and trying some of her ideas. Although I might need more than one bin for chocolate....

How do you organize in you kitchen? Do you buy in bulk or go for the name brands?


  1. I use tupperware in my pantry. It works really well! I wish I could be like Jamie Lee and say it's because it's more pleasing to the eye, etc... but it's mostly because I can't open packages without tearing them. BUT what is nice is that when you get more of an ingredient, your pantry is already set up for that container... there is a lot less rearranging.

    My tip is, if you get something that you haven't worked with before (in my case it was Orzo), save the instructions from the package and slip it into the tupperware container with it.

  2. I have a pretty good sized pantry & use some baskets from dollar tree to organize snacks & different foods. My flour & sugar are on my counter in clear glass containers. It's hard to stay organized, but worth it. My staples are a mix of name brand & generic. I prefer name brand spices-but generic baking/pastas/rice are fine.

  3. I just read that article and I LOVED that idea too. Funny, I have a lot of the same comtainers, but I don't have a drawer deep enough, so I have them on my cupboard shelves labeled on the side. It would be great if I could figure out a way to lay them down on the shelves with the tops facing out. Like Jamie Lee, I hate store packaging.