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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Changes in the weather, and in my blog.

It's my favorite season of all! And since I'm not headed back to school or starting a new job, I'm making a change or two in my own life to keep it real y'all.

And this blog is one of them. For a while...okay, months, this blog has lost importance in my health life. I was stressed about other things, I couldn't concentrate, or was too ashamed to write, and it fell apart. I think with the move and my life becoming more full of family and friends and things to do in Portland, I had less need/time for a blog dedicated to something that was no longer as important to me.

Does that make any sense? Basically, this blog is no longer a weight-loss tool for me. But I still love writing, and I have been reading other blogs to keep me inspired. Not only weight-loss blogs, but also budget and home decor/DIY blogs. And I think that might be where this blog is heading...so stay tuned:)

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  1. I totally understand. I'll follow you! I read the same kinds of blogs.