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Monday, June 7, 2010

Priorities, Runs, and Pictures, oh my!

So I went on vacation three weeks ago, and it was fantastic! I went to Washington DC to see my little sister graduate from college, and soon my brother will be graduating from high school! Woot for them! The picture above is me looking cool in front of the White House. That was the day I rocked the Austrian Maverick look:)

Actually, those shorts are the first women's shorts I have owned in a while. I usually go for guy's shorts because they are longer, don;t hug my body, and come with many handy pockets:)
This epic picture is of my room mates and I at the Shamrock Run. Did I mention that one of my room mates is in a pipe band? Oh yeah.

I was thinking about the Shamrock run recently, because (drumroll please) I am signing up for another run! I need a goal to work towards, and so I will be doing a 8k at the end of July.

Now. Time to regroup.

I was looking at my calendar, trying to see how off track I have gotten. This plateau (mostly self inflicted) has hurt me. I am wounded sir, but not dead! Wouldn't you know it, there are 30 more weeks in the year, starting from today. I haven't weighed myself for 2 weeks, but I am assuming I am hanging around 184. So that gives me 30 weeks to lose 30lbs. Step by step.

My weight has taken a back burner to other life events. Such as: my promotion. I am now in a new cafe, in charge of people who have been barista's far longer than I have, and working a completely different schedule. Stress is high and routine is gone. But it has been 3 weeks, and I think I am getting used to my new schedule.

So now I know that while I don't have energy to make food after work, I can make more complicated stuff in the morning. Like quiche, or a pasta salad for later! And then when I come home from work late in the evening, I should just eat fruit and a small serving of carbs/protein. Not the sweets and fats I crave...like the 2 doughnuts I just ate.

Have I mentioned bingeing tendencies? It mostly involves sweets, but lately I just want to eat, and once I start, it is hard to start. Nothing really fills me, and I know it has to do with stress.

So. New job. New boss. New schedule. Car broke down. Still no romantic life. Working 6 day weeks. Wanderlust is setting in.

I was talking to a friend recently, and found myself saying that my 20's feel like survival. I wake up, survive without any major bodily harm, try not to hurt others, come home, sleep. And I consider that a successful day. I am stressed. But working on it.

Thanks for still reading, and for inspiring me. I'm coming back, and am excited to get on this journey again!

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  1. 8K is a great goal to work towards! Good for you. Stress is such a difficult thing; I know I don't want salad when life goes bananas! (maybe I shoudl just eat bananas hahaha!!) Keep at it and I am sure it will work out for you.