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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So I really want a doughnut...

really really really badly. I have been so hungry late a night recently. I think it has something to do with my new hours of employment. Quick update on that front. I was promoted(yay!) at my barista job and have been training, moved cafes, and am doing more closes than before. I still have a secod job, with limited hours...we will see if I keep that one after the summer. Having 2 jobs can be a wee bit stressful.

Anyways. I went on a run yesterday! It took me longer than it used to to run 3 miles, but I did it! I think I am signing up for a 10k at the end of July to motivate myself.

The problem right now is food. I love food. I have bingeing tendencies with it. I also really crave food late at night now. HUge amounts of it. All I want right now is rich desserts and fried food. Like a huge burger. BLAST! What do you do when the cravings threaten to overtake you?


  1. hi jess!!!

    i meant to comment earlier, but i just wanted to stop by and tell you that plateau-ing and getting focused on other things is TOTALLY normal!!!

    as far as cravings go, i'd honestly say eat SOMETHING, but something you won't regret later. a bowl of cereal is my normal late night snack. or raw veggies. maybe with greek yogurt (+lots of spices?) instead of dip?

    rich desserts: yogurt (i just love the stuff) with frozen berries and yogurt?

    i read somewhere once about a rule that someone had set themselves, that they were allowed to eat all the rich and decadent foods they wanted, as long as they made it themselves! and lets be honest, homemade ice cream is amazing, but a much bigger pain in the butt. i also read somewhere that late-night snacks that are mostly protein and fat won't effect you as much as just carbs. who knows?

    you CAN do it, but be nice to yourself too.

    <3, ariana

  2. I think its a great idea to sign up for a 10k as motivation. It will really give you something to work towards, even on the days that running seems like the worst idea EVER! LOL.

    Oh and as for cravings..it happens to me too. Maybe you're more tired now that you are working different hours? Or stressed? Usually there are lifestyle triggers for these things.

  3. try almonds! yummy when they are roasted and lightly salted. It doesn't take many.

  4. I was going to say Almonds too!!!