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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I need more floor.

I really want this rug. It's the Gislev rug from ikea, it's only $19.99. Only problem? I have no where to put it. No need. My cup runneth over with rugs, in fact, because there is a large rug hanging out under my bed right now, rolled into a slug.

But isn't she beautiful?! I love graphic prints, and the color gray...seriously, it's so cheap! This is such a struggle for me. I am at the point where I don't really need anything for our apartment. One or two storage solutions could be added, but truly, we are set. Where is the fun in that?

Last week I was feeling the decorating/painting/crafting fire within, and I decided to paint our entry-way table blue. Not just any blue, mind you, but the beautiful dark deep turquoise blue that would match our dining room table and makes me think of New Mexico and the ocean. I took it to my parents' house (we don't have a space for projects like that), took out the hardware, sanded it down, primed it....and.....uh...wait a tic....I could've sworn.....where is that blue paint?

No sh*t folks. I can't find my paint. I've been looking for 4 days. Everywhere. Nada.

My blue paint has gone undercover. Which is frustrating because 1)it was going to match, 2)I wouldn't have to spend any money on this project, and 3)it was an oops paint. One of those gallons that didn't turn out just right that you get for cheap on a metal rack at Fred Meyer's. So I can't match it exactly. The injustice of it all!!

However, if my biggest problem right now is finding a new paint for an entry way table, my life isn't actually that bad:)

Have you ever started a project without all the materials/tools, and realized it halfway through?


  1. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a project! I know exactly how you feel about partially finished. My kitchen has been in the throws of remodel since May..now we are down to the final touches and frankly I get irritated every time I look at them. Unfortunately they are a bit out of my realm of craftiness so the Hub's also gets a slight bit of pissy 'tude. ;]

  2. That rug is only $19.99?! Jaysus, I wish we could start stockpiling materials for when we have whole houses to decorate...

  3. Chazzers, I gave you a Stylish Blogger Award on my blog. So maybe you should blog stuff...