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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lazy Tuesday

For serious, I feel like I have in "go" mode for the past few weeks. Not necessarily in the exercise or health department, but in life at large. And I really would rather surf the internet than post anything, but I know that's for another reason entirely.

So let's back up. 2 weeks ago I decided to lose 9lbs by Thanksgiving. I chose that amount because it was, at the time, 11 weeks until Thanksgiving and I wanted to set an aggressive yet achievable goal. So then I weighed myself and ....

182lbs. Okay.

Up from the pretty 178lbs for my cousin's wedding. Shit. Anywho. The point is to lose 9lbs from that weight, so goal is 173. Let me write it one more time so you hear my conviction and terror nervousness sheer determination.


I have made a really specific goal list for how to achieve this. It includes things like: run three times a week, try barre 3 classes, buy 5lb weights, try one recipe a week that is low-cal/low-fat, cut back on eating at work. I'll share more details coming up, but let's quit stalling and get to my reluctance to post. I weighed myself last night at my parent's house and was a wee pissed to see that my weight was 181.8. I've lost .2lbs. Is that even a real number? Does that count? Damn straight it does. One step at a time. Next time it will be a solid 181. I got this.

Though it would be nice if this all magically happened and I was magically about a size 8 (One day folks, single digits will happen for a pair of jeans. And I shall wear them for one day and then cast them in gold to display in my foyer. Assuming I have a foyer. That's still up in the air.)

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