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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lots of updates!

Trainer Meeting
Being a new member of 24hour got me a session with a trainer! It was more an informational session than working out, but it was very helpful. He asked me questions about my nutrition and exercise...and broke my coasting bubble of not trying very hard.

I'll be honest. I have not been pushing myself in the past few months, specifically with resistance training. When I do resistance training at all I stick with 10lb weights...and usually just work my arms.

Oops. I got some hard truths about pushing myself. He kindly informed me that it was stupid to only work my arms. So I am going to work on my whole body now including arms, back, legs, chest, and core. Which means, among many other things, doing push-ups. I HATE PUSHUPS.

In an effort to push myself, I worked out with one of my co-workers on Thursday. She lead me through her routine for abs and arms, and then I went on to workout my back. It's been too long since I sweated durning a weights workout. DId I mention that I am still sore? 3 days later?

What I am trying to say, is that it is time to push myself. And not in a general way. Here is what I want to do:
  1. Resistance training for the whole body twice a week. No excuses. Sweat must happen.
  2. Push-ups. 20 one Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
  3. Stretch more. I think I'm going to move the coffee table aside as I watch 30 Rock and stretch it out on the carpet. I might as well move and become more flexible as I watch hilarious Tina Fey!
I think I'm becoming an addict. I love being outside, and I can feel my body getting more and more used to continuous jogging. This week I am moving up to at least 20 minutes straight as I train for the Shamrock run...and I know I can do it.

Moment of Inspiration.
Remember that your playing small does not serve the world. Remember that you are immensely capable and in charge of your choices. This world is a wondrous place, and you honor it and all of us by living a fantastic life. Happy Sunday!

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