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Monday, February 1, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I made a tasty meal using my own food in my own apartment and get to eat my own leftovers! (small victories people, celebrate them:)

I baked chicken lightly drizzled in olive oil and garlic schtuff, rice made with 1/2 water 1/2 tomato juice, and sauteed sqaush and tomatoes. I think I got healthier just typing that. The great thing is that I have leftovers, so I am getting 3 meals after only cooking 1.

Any tips on healthy eating when (usually) cooking for one? Good dinner recipes? I am all ears.

5k Training
It has begun. I am loosely planning my training around time goals. Try to run at least 15 minutes straight this week. 20 minutes the next, and keep adding on 5 minutes of continuous running every week until the big day!

We ran yesterday morning, after a night of bollywood dancing(oh yeah). There were certain points where I really had to push myself, get over whatever mental hurdle was tripping my up, and keep going.

Like when we were running up a hill, or when I realized I still had at least 4 more blocks to run and my legs felt like lead. Or when I went off to lala land and couldn't remember the last 4 blocks.

I like to be present when I am running. I haven't listened to music while running becauseI want to be where I am...this isn't to say I won't ever listen to Fergie while pounding the pavement. Cause she rocks, that's why.

It feels like the start to a good week folks...let's make it so:)


  1. That's a great goal, to add 5 min each time. That is the method I want to use to get up earlier. 10 min earlier till I reach my desired time!! Now, doing it is the challenge. :) Way to go! Happy Monday!

  2. Re: cooking healthy for one... a great thing I like to do is to get a giant tub of baby greens so I can have a big salad as a meal every day. Plus having it in the fridge will motivate you to eat it all before it goes bad.

    Also, cook up chicken breasts in bulk, then keep them in a tupperware. You can pull one out each day, cut it up over a salad, or put some pico de gallo on it, or any number of other healthy recipes. :) <3


  3. im new to your blog congrats on losing over 45 pounds
    keep up the great work

    from bee620.blogspot.com