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Friday, April 2, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

  1. My new shoes. Asics, GT2150 Trail Running shoes, grey and green. They hug my feet, comfort me, keep my feet stable, and are actually made for running, unlike the cross-training shoes I ran in for 3 months. And I got them 40% off! They made my 4.2 mile run today delightful...even though it was windy...and raining....and I was gassy....too much?
  2. My food journal that now has room for emotional bullet points. You would think I would be fantastic at keeping a journal, what with me blogging and majoring in english/writing, but alas, I am not. So bullet points are my attempt. And it's working. I'm regaining focus, and getting to sleep faster! Woot for sleep!
  3. Fruits and Vegetables! I stocked up at the store this week, no skimping. I would rather have fruit at hand for snacking than other stuff, and I can add frozen veggies to pretty much anything.
  4. Odwalla SUPERFOOD drink. It's green, tastes pretty nummy, and makes me feel healthy at the beginning of the day.
  5. Books. I know this doesn;t have to do with weight-loss, but I love books and reading. And yesterday (my first day off from both jobs in 10 days), I read something that resonated with me. I'm rereading it, and making notes, and then I will share it with you all.
  6. This video. I smile every time. Every time.


  1. tee hee - very cute video :)

    There's so many things you can do with fruit and veg - they're so versatile - I love them!