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Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm almost back in the game

Rapid fire of updates, and then we will go more in-depth: I weigh 184lbs, food journaling is mostly back on track, focus is resetting, and I have another goal in mind. Get it? Got it? Good.

So I weighed in at 184lbs last Wednesday. This is a 1/2 lb loss from my previous weigh-in, but I don't think it's a good loss. With my huge exercise break, I lost a lot of muscle, which weighs more than fat. So while I have lost a 1/2 lb, I am flabbier than I was 2 weeks ago. So yay, but time to move on. I do not mind a pound gain in the next week, as long as I am back to resistance training.

Food Journaling...
makes a difference. I REALLYREALLYREALLY need to stick to this. I did a lot of drinking and eating in the past few days, and I have journaled most nights, but not all. It seriously takes less than 5 minutes, and makes such a difference.

Seeing my food intake on paper helps me understand what I have done (for good and for evil:). If I had a camera, and could do a photo food journal for a while, I'm pretty sure my eating would change starting yesterday. Sometimes I don't even look at the food/portion I am consuming. That's not just unhealthy, it's unenjoyable. AND I LOVE FOOD. So enjoying it is essential.

I had none. And I am slowly gaining it back. I've been stressing out about some other areas of my life recently, and my health is suffering because of it. I actually didn't realize how much I have on my plate until right now. Work, family, friends, love life, money. These things enhance my life, and bring stress to it. I think to begin getting a handle on my life again, I need to take some time to journal and reflect. Life is always in transition, and this is just a series of waves that will rock my boat for a while. I will not be capsized.

  1. Food journal every night. Really, not that difficult.
  2. Emotion/event journal every night below food list. Nothing huge, just a recap of the day and a chance to write out a few bullet points on my mind. I think this will help me regain my focus.
  3. Figure out a plan for food. I haven't been doing great shopping recently. I run out of food faster than I see coming, and then I end up grabbing things to eat...which doesn't always end well. I have a good handle on breakfast, so I think the next step is lunch. It's time to figure out what I can make easily, that is healthy, and that will truly fuel me for work. What do you do for healthy lunches?
  4. I am thinking of running a 10k or a half marathon this summer. BAM! That's right, I wrote half marathon. Betcha didn't see that coming! I haven't decided which one yet, but either one will push me. The only reason I am even considering a half is because I would be fine with walking 1-2 miles of it. If I did the 10k this summer, I would want to run the whole thing. I am holding off on deciding which one I will do for a at least 2 weeks, so I can see where I am physically.
  5. I'm going to put a goal out there. Here it is. I would like to weigh 175 by June 1st. That's 9lbs in about 8 weeks. I think I need to do a jump start again, focus on resistance, running, and proper fueling of the body. Also, I miss feeling like a sexy beast:)
So that's that. I am trying and trying and trying again. Thanks for the support along the way, and happy Monday to you all!


  1. Good for you! I can't wait to see your sexy bod at my wedding (and maybe bridal shower?)

  2. OMG i'm doing a half marathon on August 15th in San Diego, CA! where do you liveeeee? you should totally rock a half marathon too! good luck on getting back to focus..i'm trying to regroup myself as well!

  3. i don't have enough money for $5 meals either.. so that was a splurge! until i win the lotto of course!!! :)

    haha well i don't have a training plan! they have 12 week training plans online for half marathons..but idk..

    i was just gonna jog the local park (mile square park.. which is 4 miles around) and do it..like.. the first week..is jog 2, walk 2 then jog 3, walk 1, then the third week.. jog 4, walk 2... etc.. IDK though! hahaha.. :( i'll have to figure it out and PRONTO!! let me know what your plan ends up being!

  4. I'm feeling a lot like your previous post right now, I love that you've set yourself some goals to get back on track! I really need to do that too!

  5. lunch ideas are hard for me too. lately i've been having tuna sandwich and fruit. or good italian stuff like tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, with hummus. i work right by chipotle so have that once a week (a veggie bowl) yum! i need to cook and plan more too. thanks for your rubbing off on me!