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Monday, March 1, 2010

Cranky Pants

It's Monday. I have a balance of really great and slightly sucky in my life at this moment. And this is a moment where I'm letting the slightly sucky dominate. I'm cranky and sore, and I want my life to be a BBC Jane Austen mini-series. Where is my Mr.Tilney?

Anywho. That's where I am at the moment. I had a great weekend, as evidenced by the sweet picture of me above. My mom, my dog, and my roomie Kristi went on a hike in the Columbia Gorge with me! It was a gorgeous day, and Girl Scout cookies might have been consumed at the top...maybe:)

I love being outside. I think that is one of the reasons running is going so well for me. It guarantees me fresh air and a chance to work out whatever is cluttering my mind at the time. I challenge you to exercise outside this week, sans media. That's right. Take out the head phones, give it a try.

Good news! I weighed this past week at 186.5! That's another 1.5lbs lost! Exclamation points! I felt relatively confident ordering a bridesmaid dress this week in a size smaller than what I tried on. The wedding is not until the end of July, so if I continue losing a pound a week, that will be another 21lbs down from where I am now. (I know I will continue on my plan. I know I can do this, and so I blocked out the doubt in the bridal shop worker's voice when I ordered a size smaller. I don't care what she's seen before. I'm not losing weight for the wedding, I'm losing it for myself, and I know I will continue to work myself and eat healthy. So in your face lady!)

I'm nervous for tomorrow's weigh-in. Probably because I ate three batches of nachos yesterday.

Did I write that outloud?


Yep, it's true. I nixed dinner and noshed on nachos after my hike yesterday. I would never regret nachos, but three batches might have been pushing it. Maybe all the salt makes me cranky! Maybe I'm just cranky. Good thing I am running later, I'll pound it out on the pavement. A happy Monday to you all, hope you are feeling good and ready for the week!


  1. Oh no, never regret nachos. Nachos are amazing!! I want nachos... Hehe! Congratulations on your loss this week, and I'm thrilled for you about the bridesmaid's dress. You WILL do it!

  2. nachos = my favourite food ever

    I would have totally mowed down on 3 batches too..... so yummy.....

    I agree with you - running is great, you get to clear your mind, burn huge calories and enjoy fresh air :)

  3. Around this time last year, we all went to the Harmon for something and I ordered that giant platter of nachos, ate most of it there and then had the rest for breakfast the next morning. I enjoyed every last fucking piece of those things -- I even toasted it to reheat instead of just microwaving. That's how delicious it was.

    And then I remembered that I had given up chips for Lent.

    I still don't regret it.