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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rambles and a Picture!

I want to apologize for not giving y'all more photos to gander at. I don't know if I have shared this, but I don't have a camera. I basically break all technology around me, and so the fact that I have a computer that is still functioning after 5 months with me, is FANTASTIC. So I put a little pic at the top for you to enjoy. It's my brother, sister and I at the beach over Valentine's day...aren't we cute?! (yes)

I am really excited about tonight. Like, really, really, uber, and totally excited...because I am going to a hip hop class! What what! That's right, I'm about to bust a beat on the group class floor at my gym(probably with a whole bunch of other white gals:).

I have been wanting to have more dance in my life. Not just random dance parties to my Irish Pandora station, but slightly directed dancing. Who knows, maybe I will start a breakdancing group one of these days....no really, how cool would that be....I am such a nerd.

Anywho. I weighed in this week at 185.5. That's a solid 1lbs loss from last week! I can't believe how close to 180lb I am. So close. And from there it's a short 5 weeks to 175. And then one day I might break below 170 for the first time in my adult life. Awesome.

Can you tell that I'm not so cranky anymore? I allowed myself some cranky time, and then pulled out of it. I used to push bad feelings down. Fake a good mood, pretend, and smother the bad. The problem there, is that the bad isn't gone. It's still inside and boiling.

This journey I am on is not just about losing weight. For the first time in a long time, I am expressing my struggles, fears, wins and loses. I am exposing the bad feelings so I can change my behaviors. And I still get cranky. But I feel healthier in mind, knowing it's okay to be down, because I will go back up...I think that all makes sense.

Thanks for listening to the ramblings, and have a fantastic Thursday!

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  1. great ramblings today
    i get cranky to and do the same things
    another pound loss is amazing
    you are an inspiration