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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I shamROCKED that run!

I RAN A 5K!! Sunday was the big day. I got up uber early after a night of "carb-loading" (translation: mexican food and doughnuts....good stuff) and put on my hot pink spandex pants. Registration was full, there were thousands of people walking around in crazy green outfits and race numbers.

It was exciting to be a runner. I had a timer chip, a colored bib, and my handy dandy underwire sportsbra! I wasn't nervous until it began, but I quickly became okay with being passed by everyone. I didn't even notice the mile markers until mile 2, so I was in a good place mentally.

My time was 34 minutes, about 11 minutes a mile. I like that number. What's funny is that I have been running for 42 minutes straight for the past week so when I got to the finish line, I still had energy. I could have continued running. Me. A runner. Crazy.

I'm proud of myself, and ready to find another goal to work towards.


  1. I'm telling you, you gotta do Portland Fit!!! It is a super running group and totally easy to participate in! I might still do it, but I'm not up to an 11 minute mile right now! Congrats to you- you are awesome!!!

  2. YAY - 34 minutes - that's wicked!!!

    Good job ladycakes - you totally deserve it :)

    What's your next race?