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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More like Hip-NOT!

What I will be doing veryververy soon...except in a bed

My heart is broken. Shattered. My feet cannot find their groove. I've got the rhythm of the world inside me, and nowhere to let it out. Remember last Wednesday? I was pumped about a certain hip-hop class?

Here's the deal. My 24hour doesn't offer a hip-hop class. Ever. Apparently the internet and the sign outside their group class door are incorrect. My disappointment was great. My sorrow was wide. Luckily, my friend Meghan was there to cross the sorrow in a boat built for two...with beer.

That's right. Instead of working out, we went and got a pint. There was nowhere else to dance at 7pm on a Thursday! And we are both early workers, so staying out late is not really appealing (most of the time:). Thus, beer was the obvious runner-up for exercise.

So I am working on finding another dance outlet. One that doesn't cost much. But is more than my living room and Pandora on loud.

Mental Mush
My brain has been fried lately. The filing system is out of whack, and everyday I have to re-group, re-do, and re-focus. So my eating and exercise has been a little sporadic and varied. I didn't work out on Thursday, Saturday or yesterday, but I did a 43 minute run on Sunday(oh yeah Kristi, I lied...it was for our own good! She thought we only went for 40 minutes! Mwahahahaha!) I am also low on groceries, so I am grabbing at food.

Never good. I was thinking about how much I spend on groceries, and I was concerned that I was spending too much. But then I realized a few things.
  1. I don't eat out a lot. So it makes sense that I spend more on groceries because I am making most of my food. The budgets balance out.
  2. I buy good healthy food. It's worth the money I spend to have yummy food that is good for me. If the alternative is ramen every day, I'm happy to spend.
  3. I am saving money in the long run. If I was eating really un-healthily/out a lot, my health problems would be bigger in the future....as would my medical bills.
The money I spend on food is an investment in myself. It is an investment in my body, my health, and my happiness. I love making meals! I love food! I don't go to the movies a lot or pay for cable, but I do spend time creating tastey yum in the kitchen!

Speaking of the kitchen
I just wanted to let you know that I made brussel sprouts on Friday again. For a group of people. Who like good food. I was really nervous about their reaction to them, but brother, those sprouts were gone in 2 winks of a coal miner's eye! (Anchormansoundtrackreference)

Time for this chica to snooze before her Wednesday weigh-in! Happy Tuesday to all, and to all, a goodnight!

(My 5k is this weekend! I still can't believe I am running! Neither can my boobs! God bless underwire sports bras!)


  1. I liked your blog and I am also trying to lose weight in a healthy way. I understand about the grocery thing to. The best thing is to try and keep healthy food on hand if you can. Good luck

  2. Oh how I missed reading your blog :)

    Good luck on your run, spend as much as you want on groceries and never stop blogging becasue it would make me sad.

    My eating has also been a little all over the place, but I'm running tomorrow, so tomorrow's a new day, right?