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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Last Week of Biggest Loser

Quick post my friends, and then it's off to work (again:).

At my weigh-in this past week, I only lost .5lbs. Not great. Okay, good, but not my goal, which is one pound a week. My disappointment in that half pound carried over into my workout.

I didn't push myself as hard. It felt like I was going through the motions, just getting it done, and not pushing myself.

On one of my sprints around the track, I pounded out my frustration, and on the next run, I decided to stop wallowing. As much as I love a good pout/sulk, it wasn't going to help me get that next pound lost. So I made amends with a half pound, and moved onto the next.

I have been pushing myself every day this week, adding 5 minutes to every every workout, pushing myself to go faster, further, and focused..er? If I can lose one pound this week, I will have lost 26lbs in 13 weeks!

So here are the lessons for the week: don;t be over confident about food choices. Eat good food. Make mistakes, and then learn from them. As my friend S. said, "the path to success is paved with failure."

Also, don't trust my dog near salmon patties and onion rolls. She will eat them all:)


  1. Hi, my first visit. You are right about overconfidence and fooling ourselves with bad food choices. Some times we are way off on the calorie count, but we are often being untruthful with ourselves.


  2. Hey Jess,
    Would you be interested at all in joining PortlandFit with me this year. It is a marathon training group (but you don't have to run the marathon). They are so great (I've done in a few times) and they start training in April for about $90 or so. The runs are on Saturdays in Portland or Vancouver- I'm thinking of it, but would rather do it with someone else. I don't think I could run more than a mile right now, but I'm ready to start getting back in shape. Let me know. Wish me luck, I'm going to go check-out a new gym today. Keep up the good work!

  3. You're great for pushing yourself this week. You can do it! And I love what you said about mistakes and learning from them. So true.

  4. Speaking of goals and frustrations, here's another saying that seems to reflect reality well. "Life is what happens when you're planning otherwise." What that means to me is that sometimes I need to see reality and adjust accordingly. So the goal I set for the end of this year has been modified.

    Considering the stress of the holidays, the temptations, and the extra demands around this time of year, I have realized that a saner health goal for me is to: 1) focus on taking care of myself during this busy/illness prone season, 2) to consider maintenance at this time a great success, and 3) kick weight loss into gear in the new year.

    Jess, along those line, I proposed a weight management "support" group to Terry (who's in charge of such programs @ the FC). My idea is for a 30 minute group that meets, checks in, weighs in, and shares encouragement and ideas for weight/health management. That can be followed by individual or teamed up work outs. Terry asked for a copy of what I wrote and intends to implement that, although I'm not sure how.

    Anyway, keep on truckin. Yer awesome. We'll all keep living and learning.