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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Peaks and Valleys

I did not want to work today. I was tired, and didn't eat too well yesterday...which meant that my defenses were down. There were candies and doughnuts in the breakroom and I indulged. A lot. I don't even like doughnuts!

I was feeling all guilty and gross after work. But I pulled myself together and ate healthily before my workout and weigh-in...at which point I found out that I am


Apparently, despite all of my little indulgences and over-working, I balanced it out! After I weighed myself, I had a FANTASTIC workout. Pushed myself, felt the burn, and was accompanied by the soundtrack for "Songs for a New World."

At which point, I came home (in the snow!) and ate 3pieces of pizza, drank some pop, and had some Peppermint Jo-Jos. Damnit!!

I keep flip flopping between healthy and not healthy behaviors! Why isn't this easy? Calming down. breathing in and out. Those choices are behind me. I can make a better choice in the future. What do you do when you find yourself having health highs and lows?


  1. First of all, congratulations on your weigh-in success! I do understand how easy it is to go overboard after a weigh-in. I think the thing that does it for me is just leaving the kitchen and distracting myself completely until I forget about the craving!

  2. Glad to see you're human too Jess Lee!
    What do I do when I find myself having health highs and lows?
    1. Environmental control--I get all unhealthy foods I can out of
    my home. Why? My self-discipline (especially when it comes to
    sweets ... sucks!).
    2. Listen within--What are the health ups and downs indicating?
    Need for ... more rest, rewards, support, a healthy plateau to
    give the body a rest, some self-understanding/forgiveness,
    a little less work and a little more play/personal time?
    3. You're doing it! (a) Acknowledging and expressing the highs
    and lows. (b) Balancing extra cals in by burning extra cals off.
    (c) Breathing. (d) Starting anew.

    As for me,
    --I've renewed my commitment contract to myself and my health.
    --I'm changing up my exercise routine and tried "hot yoga".
    --I've pre-prepared/pre-portioned healthy foods and am writing
    down all my intake.
    --My goal: 10-15 pounds down to my final goal (125-128#) by losing 1-2#/week doing the Body Make Over program.)

    Jess, hills and valleys are a part of life. Motivation ebbs and flows. That's just the way it goes. Falling off track happens. Sometimes it helps to check in person to person. So, if time permits, lets get together and compare notes on all this.

    Hang in and here's to a new decade, a new year, a new day.

  3. From Dr. Oz on AOL's "That's Fit" column ...

    --Don't beat yourself up if you "cheat."--

    Hey, everyone occasionally has an off day, when, say the desire to eat a few ... okay, 10... chocolate chip cookies gets the better of us. When that happens, says Dr. Oz, don't brow-beat yourself. Instead, "recognize your mistake and recognize what led to your mistake, then get back on track." Some of Dr. Oz's quick and easy suggestions for getting back on the program -- and feeling better about your progress: Take a five-minute walk, toss out a calorie-rich or otherwise unhealthy food you're still holding on to (like the rest of that bag of cookies); write out your meal plan for tomorrow. "Doing something small and easily attainable, keeps you moving in the right direction," he says.