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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beer belly in the works...

Ok. So my last few days have been full of gatherings. Fun, happy times with those I love! And of course, they wouldn't be complete without food and drink, right?


For my mom's birthday dinner, we went to a german restaurant to celebrate. Good moments:I only drank water, I ordered the small version of my entree, I...ok, that's it:)

Not so great moments: I ate appetizers(cheesy, fatty appetizers, only half of which were actually good), I ate a roll of bread with lots of butter, and I ordered dessert...but it was one of the baby desserts, so I get kudos for that, right?!

It is so difficult to let go of the "eat what you can right now, because others will eat it all, and you will be left with nothing" mentality in family settings. So what am I going to do next time?
Plan what I want to eat. Order a really healthy entree if I want to indulge in something else on the table. Stick to water!

What's funny is that yesterday I ate healthy, well portioned food, and then drank beer all evening. Oh self-sabatatoge, you tricksy devil.
Beers can range from 100-175cal per 12oz serving. By my factoring, I had about 400extra calories last night, due to my drinking. Part of it was that I had had a long day at work, and wanted to relax. Kick back, drink something yummy, and let customer service go.

But there is also a part of me that just doesn't want to become the girl who says no. You know the girl in your group who is always sizing up calories, who wants to go out, but doesn't actually order anything, who complains about how they are so full from dinner hours ago?

I need to be more comfortable with being picky about what I eat. I just don't want that to define me. Blast and wretch!

In good news, I took my dog on a really long walk this week and got through the pain of tuesday's workout! And I spent 65min on the treadmill! So there is hope and happiness, and one more day of the weekend!


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself! You are still very aware and present with your goals - so much better than most of us do. The next day is always a new day to start again! Keep it up, you are a real inspiration!!!

  2. Congrats Jess on your Blogger Award! Well earned, well deserved. Your fame is spreading.

    As for my weight loss efforts, I'm lyin if I'm not dyin!
    Overdid is lifting free weights in a Biggest Loser exercise session.
    That's what I get for my arrogance.
    I thought ... I've been working out on the Nautilus Weight Machines
    for a long long time. I can do 8# bar bell bicep curls for 2 minutes,
    right? WRONG! Free weights are different than the machines.
    I worked out on Friday and the pain nearly knocked me out on Sunday. Mineral/Epsom salts baths, pain relievers, and a lot of whining are getting me through.

    Thanks for the suggestions about being clear on a PLAN for how I'm going to lose 1# a week. That had me be more specific with myself about what I intended to do ... Record my intake, do Spin Class with Monica on Thxgvg and the following Sunday, drink lots of H20, have lots of tasty and healthy options for Thxgvg dinner, keep reading Loser Girl's Blog and being inspired:-)

    As for your beer indulgence dear lady, it sounds like you are compensated/working off that night out with ongoing exercise. Add awareness, with conscious choices to some of life's pleasures and it does all work out. Or thinking about it another way, as I mentioned the other day ... "The road to success is paved with failure."

    Cheers All!