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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Preparing for battle!

Thanksgiving week is upon us! In preparation for some long days and temptations, I am planning and preparing my food as much as possible, and scheduling in workouts when I can.

For example, this was my Monday:
3:30am-wake up. eat oatmeal.
4:25am-start work. eat awesome spinach salad with veggies I made. drink coffee. eat homemade yogurt parfait. eat orange. drink banana protein smoothie
12:45pm-meet with friend for awesome vegetarian lunch of peanut sauce, veggies, and brown rice. remember that I hate brown rice, but force myself to eat it.
2pm-go on a walk. up a big hill. get lost on purpose and find quiet in big city.
3:30pm-sit in small library and read new book.
4:15pm-drink expensive tea in hipster cafe while covertly eating my wheat tortillas and mango chicken salsa from home. read and rest my feet.
5:45pm-start 2nd job. cashier, joke around, stay standing.
9:45pm-go home. eat peanut bar. watch the end of the sisterhood of the traveling pants 2. realize that it is full of good intentions, but a terrible movie none the less.
11:15pm-write in food journal. go to bed.

Because of how far away I live from my jobs, it doesn't always make sense for me to go home between them, which is why I filled the gap with friend, exercise, and rest. What really helped me through that day was having plans, flexibility, and prepared food..which is how the rest of this week will hopefully go.

Talking about preparation, I spent some time the other day going through old magazines and cutting out what I found useful or interesting! I have Shape magazines from 2005, if that gives you any idea how many I had collected.

This is what our table looked like as I was working. It may look like a mess to you, but it all made sense to me:) I am down to only possessing 2 fitness magazines! Once I go through them and cut out what I want, I will have the best health binder ever, and be saving space in my room.

And now for an opinion or two (keep in mind that these are old magazines I was going through, so time may have changed them from what I am judging right now).

I like Women's Health way more than Shape. It has more articles than little blurbs, and it seems more well-rounded than Shape. I would say that Women's Health is the cool older cousin who seems to have it all figured out, while Shape is the trendy college freshman whose attention span is about 30 seconds:)

It still bugs me that bikini bodies are their constant covers though. What about a wetsuit? Or pilates clothes? A parka? Maybe some hoodies and sweats? Heck, I could model those!


  1. Wake up at 3:30 a.m. and still have energy to write in your food journal at 11:15 p.m. ... Who are you Superwoman? Your advanced thinking and focus on planning, food preparation, and flexibility are excellent!
    Per usual, incredible and inspiring.

    As for me, I was busy getting sick and feeling like sh--t. Aches, pains, brain fog and generally grinchy attitude. I really notice wanting to eat for comfort when I feel anxious, sick, or uncomfortable for any reason. The good news is that my throat hurt so much I couldn't stuff a whole lot down and my appetite was diminished. Yeah for small sickness favors:-)

    Drank lots of medicinal teas. Took a day off exercising. Got plenty of rest and tried to give myself a break. On the mend now.

    Plan to exercise, cook some healthy Thxgvg alternatives (wild rice dish and pumpkin souffle). Still plan to work out Thxgvg morning. Will either freeze or give away left overs. Vow to get only 1 pumpkin pie vs 4 this time:-) Will definitely weigh in this Saturday. A once a week weigh in is enough for me!

    Might try BL group on Tuesday evening. Could see you there Jess.

    Happy T Day to all.

  2. First of all, I love your idea of a health binder. It is fantastic to have all of those really stellar articles in one place. I have always intended to do one!

    Secondly, I get what you mean about not being able to get home all the time between your jobs. But you've made the most of it, what with lunch and going to the library to read. I had to laugh at your brown rice comment- I'm not a fan, either!