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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!

I lost weight! Is this some dirty trick? I have a stressful week, stray from the healthiest choices, and am rewarded? I was hoping to find gain, so I could beat myself up and learn from my not so great choices...really.

But the scale tonight said 207lbs!! Holy Mole, that is such a low number! If I make it my goal to lose an average of 1lb per week thru the holidays (aka: booze/binge season), I could weight 200lbs as I ring in the new Year!

So many exclamation points!! I didn't know how important the Biggest Weight-Loss Challenge would become to my health, but it makes me sad to think it will be over before Christmas. We all cheer each other on, and make faces as we do painful exercises our instructor smiles and talks thru:)

(This is what I look like when I work out;)

So what have I done right in the past week? I haven't been hitting the gym too much for fear of becoming sick again. I wanted to give my body a chance to fully recover, so I walked...and walked...and hiked...and walked. (My dog really likes this trend:)

I also make sure I always have a healthy snack with me. Some people can "forget" to eat, or go for more than 5 hours without eating.


Yeah, right.

If I don't eat about every 4-5 hours, I get cranky, tired, and my jokes fall flat:) Some common snacks I keep around are apples, oranges, string cheese, mini packages of teddy grams, edamame, or trail mix (which can be very high in calories and sugar, so be careful with portions). I also have started drinking green tea at least every other day. I don't know much, but I know it is healthy for some reason, and with some honey, it is pretty tasty!

What do you snack on through-out the day?


  1. almonds!!! dried apricots are also great!

  2. Wow Jess ...

    Your progress is astounding and motivating! There's nothing better than being able to buying a pair of jeans several sizes smaller cuz yer other pants are all too big. WhaWhoo!

    I too am sad the biggest loser group will be over in December. Last time I did Biggest Loser, it was tough having those sessions end and losing that group support. Maybe we should form our own Biggest Loser group when this one ends. What do you say?

    Looks like I forgot to return your book after all. I'll bring it next Friday. Rock on Loser Girl. You give losing a good name:-)

    Susie Hickperson

  3. I think its such a good idea to snack. It keeps your blood sugar stable and you are much less likely to raid the fridge and consume everything and everything in sight. I try to snack on Kashi granola bars, fruit and almonds.