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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Blonde Jillian

And now, for a dramatization of the Biggest Weight-Loss Challenge Work-out tonight.

Me: What's that you're holding, substitute trainer?
Trainer: Oh this? It's your ass!
Me: Oh...it's kind of big.
Trainer: I know. Well, are you ready?
Me: For what?
Trainer: I'm about to hand it to you.
Me: Damn.

Sometimes, we get comfy in our routines. We get used to the pace and moves we set for ourselves, and we forget to shake it up.

Tonight we had a substitute trainer, and I would describe her as a blonde Jillian. I hated her and loved her for one hour:)

She pushed us past where we thought we could go, and while my tomorrow is going to be painful, I appreciate it. Some exercises were a battle. The Burpie? That move where you drop to your hands and knees, kick your legs back, pull them back in, and stand up? I'm pretty sure I sounded like a rhinoceros passing a kidney stone while I did it, but dangumit, I did it!

Oh Fergie. You crazy woman you. I have tried some intense inclines because of you. I can handle 15 minutes. You do it for an hour? You crazy!

But seriously, what a great workout. I have been doing intervals where I walk on a 15% incline for 4 minutes, lower down to 3% for 1 minute, run for 3 minutes, walk, and do the whole thing over again. (yes, it hurts. Yes, it is worth it.)

I lost another 2lbs this week, which means I now weigh 205lbs, only 5lbs away from adiosing the 200s! And I had this crazy idea today.

Why not ring in the new year at 199lbs? If I lose 1lb every week for the next 5 weeks (which is my usual goal, but this is holiday season, so loss is going to be trickier) I could be halfway to my goal weight for the start of 2010!

Now, I don't want to set myself up for failure, or feel like a failure if I can't reach this goal, but I KNOW I can do this. This goal while keep me focused through the holidays, and the motivation of a massage is plenty good!

So here is my challenge to all y'all. Make a goal for the next 6 weeks. It can be a fitness goal, a health goal, and organization goal, any goal. Don't wait for the new year. What can you accomplish in the next 6 weeks?

Let us know what you can do before 2010, and how you are going to do it! Let's make the last bit of 2009 rock!


  1. Pay off credit card (small balance at least!) and create a study plan for my certification. Studying 3-4 days a week and cutting down on blogging if I need to, for it. :( Thanks for this post!

  2. Isn't it great to get your butt kicked sometimes?? It sucks during but is sooooo good afterwards.

    I have an award for you over at my site if you want to come check it out!

  3. Well ...

    My goal at the beginning of the Biggest Loser group was to lose 10 pounds to get back to where I was at my most recent lowest point. How much have I lost? Nada. Zip. Zero. No wait a minute. I take that back. Given the exercise I've been doing, I've lost fat.

    What have I gained? I've gotten back on a healthy eating track. I'm working out with the Loser Girl Master and that rocks. I attended another Biggest Loser group today and really appreciated the group support. Next time I don't think I'll do an hour of aerobics before an hour long floor work out.

    So back to the original question. What goal am I going to set for myself? Okay. By the end of December, I'd like to be back to my original, well-maintained lower weight=135#. That's 5 pounds in 5 weeks, so a pound a week. I'm kind of nervous about this goal since the "binge and beer" holiday is upon us.(That's what you called it wasn't it Jess?)

    I'm hoping group support, renewed commitment, and being accountable will help get me there. Thanks for leading the way Jess Lee.

  4. Hahaha, love the dramatization convo. Glad to hear you're motivated, can't wait to hear that you've met your 199 goal (because I bet you will!)

  5. Mary-good for you! It can be so difficult to balance different activities when they all are important to us, but missing a few posts of yours is all right with me if you are studying instead:)

    suseebee-YOU CAN DO IT! the "binge and booze" season will be tough, but if you have prepared food, and upped cardio, you will be heading in the right track.