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Friday, January 22, 2010

10 reasons I should join 24

I need some motivation and push to join 24hour fitness. It seriously intimidates me. There are sweaty people there. In workout clothes other than baggy old shirts. They have lockers, and saunas, and rows upon rows of machines...
  1. I need to weigh-in. Every week, on the same scale. And I don't own one...and don't really want to own one either.
  2. I need the weights. I can do some workouts at home, but it's great to have all the machines accessible.
  3. If it's truly awful weather, I can run inside.
  4. It makes sense to invest money into my health. And if I use the gym 3 times a week, it's only $2per visit.
  5. Mapquest says the nearest 24 is 3 minutes away. Come on.
  6. Some of my friends work out at 24, so I would have some motivation from them to work-out!
  7. Classes can be really fun!
  8. And I haven't tried Zumba yet!
  9. I can always cancel it during the summer if I want to spend more time outside.
  10. Because I am worth a gym membership.
So there they are. All my reasons, in writing. Tomorrow I will go and get info, and then I think I will join on Monday, since I will be gone for the weekend...

Did I mention I'm leaving town with friends for a little birthday celebration?! Woot woot! I have an entire 3 DAYS OFF. I haven't had that since...I don't know, October?

It's going to be really difficult to lose weight when I am already planning on beer and pizza, but I am also planning on moving a lot, so we'll see how it goes. My goal is 195 on Tuesday...crossing my fingers....trying to start 23 49lbs lighter than 22.


  1. you can do it!!!

    ps, sorry i haven't commented recently, BUT i have been following along on your adventure, and i'm glad it's going so well! the occasional setback just means you're HUMAN, and that christmas is yummy. it happens.

    anyway, enjoy the sauna and the classes, you totally deserve it!

  2. Oh goodness, Jess Lee. I hope you decided yes on joining 24 Hour. I used to belong back in high school and I LOVED all of the classes...and you can do yoga, too. I hope all is well with you as you enter into your 24th year of life!

  3. Substitue the monthly fee by not buying calories-rich restaurant food, it won't be a new expense that way. Exercise routines are good for us.