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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And another year is here!

So it’s Tuesday. Weigh-in day. And 24hour Fitness has a scale. So I should know my weight. Do you see the excuses coming?

I didn’t join 24hour Fitness. And I didn’t weigh myself today. But....


I am officially 23 years old. And I think it’s going to be a great year for me. I have a place in the city, good friends nearby, jobs that pay, and a body that can hike up mini-mountains, run 3 miles(okay, walk and run 3 miles) and go on long walks at the beach...let me prove it to you:

(jumping on the mountain!)

(we ran to a bakery...and picked up some buns for dinner...this is me showing mine off:)

(A sideways lighthouse...I know, it's crazy)

I had to talk myself into joining 24hour a little more. Money is tight right now, and so I am stressing out about "extraneous expenses." But it's only $18 a month, and if I want to stop the membership after a month, I can. And I need some classes and weights.



I did not see that coming! Soon and very soon, I will be starting to train for the Shamrock Run, my 5k in Mid-March. Right now I'm just randomly running around Portland, getting to know the city better, but when I start training I will be a little more disciplined about distance and length of runs.

Then I'll be ready for a marathon....just kidding! Yeah, not running more than 20 miles. It goes against my religion:)

My roomie and I had our families over for dinner tonight, and I found myself saying that the secret to my success is "eat less, move more." Doesn't that sound simple? It is infuriatingly not so. It is difficult sometimes and stressful and makes me feel vulnerable and scared, but it is something I do for myself. Not for the approval of others, not for society, but for me.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Stayed tuned in for more frequent updates.


  1. Jess, do what you know works, that race is a good idea, I am running almost 20 years, it's the best thing for me.

    Good luck and stay on track then.


  2. You could totally do a Marathon--- if you train it really isn't that hard...and what a proud feeling you have at the end! I'm totally interested in training again in April (Saturday runs starting in NW Pdx)- you in? By the way, we're the same size and it sounds like we run around the same speed.