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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let's hear it for the girls!

Enough about me. Let's talk about some other great people. Like suseebe. You might have noticed her amazingly inspiring and helpful comments at the end of my posts. She's a wonderful support in my life, and I love what she has to say. Like the other day, she left this little note from Dr.Oz:

From Dr. Oz on AOL's "That's Fit" column ...

--Don't beat yourself up if you "cheat."--
Hey, everyone occasionally has an off day, when, say the desire to eat a few ... okay, 10... chocolate chip cookies gets the better of us. When that happens, says Dr. Oz, don't brow-beat yourself. Instead, "recognize your mistake and recognize what led to your mistake, then get back on track." Some of Dr. Oz's quick and easy suggestions for getting back on the program -- and feeling better about your progress: Take a five-minute walk, toss out a calorie-rich or otherwise unhealthy food you're still holding on to (like the rest of that bag of cookies); write out your meal plan for tomorrow. "Doing something small and easily attainable, keeps you moving in the right direction," he says.

As we all know, my life went a little wayward in the past week, and this comment came to my rescue a few times. There was one day where I felt all the food was spiraling out of my control and onto my ass...so I threw out some stale holiday cookies.

I was running a little late on Thursday, and was thinking about skipping my run...dissapointing my dog...and my ass again...but I thought about a five minute walk, and said, I can run for 15 minutes. So I did. It wasn't thirty, like I had originally wanted. But it wasn't nothing. So thank you Susan, for you encouragement, support, laughter, and wisdom. I would be on the elliptical next to you any day:)

I have this friend, named A. It's a simple name but it suits her just fine:) She started running about a month ago. At 5:15am every other day. Where it is very cold. And that deserves praise, adoration, trumpets blowing and confetti! Or at the very least, a thank you, for being an inspiration for me.

And then there are all the blogs I read. Look to the right. See that list of blogs? I don't know many of those ladies personally, but their lives help me, motivate me, and make me think. So check 'em out.

And finally, I would like to dedicate this post, to the Shakeweight. (watch this video right now. Don't keep reading, just click on it. I'm serious, there is nothing important after this. Just watch it!) Because life was not ridiculous enough.


  1. Ahaha....that's a funny product. I had a thighmaster....that didn't work either!

  2. Making ourselves exercise in spite of the obstacles is the key to steady improvement.