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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Future Perks

There are some obvious rewards to losing weight. Like better health. And less risk for weight-related diseases/afflictions. And looking good.

And then there are some results that I am particularly exited about, that I have listed below in no particular order (I get exited just typing them!):

-shopping at the same stores as my friends.

-being able to wrap a towel all the way around my body.

-no more chub rub! (ie:my thighs won’t rub together anymore!)

-knowing that I can create and accomplish a goal.

-having more room in airplane seats.

-tank tops and shorts with confidence!

-Not just having a pretty face.

-Being able to buy nice leather boots (my calves are too big to fit at this point in time).

-Having more energy, and get up and GO!

I know that some of these things sound a bit shallow, and related to looks instead of health, but I will enjoy these changes nonetheless. So yay for all the reasons to lose weight!

Can I get a woot woot?!


  1. Amen to all of the above. Seriously. Especially being able to shop at decent stores and actually FIND something, being able to wear a skirt without thinking ahead about how much it's going to hurt depending on how far I walk and being able to buy boots!

  2. Ok so I have to say I was confused reading these posts because this post seemed like a beggining post. Anywho I figured it all out. Jessica I am so proud and jealous of you. Here's why; it takes a lot of guts to admit all those things to yourself and others. I couldn't do it. You inspire me so make myself better. I love you girl, and I'm always willing to go on a five mile hike (those are my favorite) :)
    Jessica C

  3. Absolutely! Woot Gurl!!! :)