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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sucked into the telly

I was flipping through channels tonight, and I came across a documentary on the Style network, called "Too Fat for 15." It was about Britain's biggest teenager, 15 year old Georgia. She weighed 462lbs, until she went to a special weight-loss academy/boarding school in North Carolina, where she lost 200lbs.

I love before and after stories. When I read fitness magazines, I flip through most of it just so I can see the before and after article. I like seeing how other women have lost the weight, and kept it off, and the pictures give me inspiration. Especially the ones where the person has one thier old pants, and are pulling out the waist! Just air, where there once was fat...*sigh*

There are so many shows nowdays that focus on before and after, like Biggest Loser, Ruby, or Dance Your Ass Off. I think I am going to start watching some of them, as a steady before-turning-into-an-after (which is what I am aiming to be!) It helps to know that you are not alone. That there are other people just like you who are struggling and, more importantly, succeeding!

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