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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Weight-loss Tool Box

A little history: I have been over-weight since I was ten, though I was not obese until the past year and a half. There have been fluctuations in weight, and at one point during my sophomore year of college, I was down to 174lbs, a number that I hadn't seen for a while. But then life threw me some curve-balls and I ate my stress/emotions/fear until I reached 244lbs a week and a half ago. As I am starting this self-designed weight-loss program, I feel confident that I will have long-term success. Mostly because I have, what I am dubbing, a:

Weight-loss Tool Box!! (okay, it's not a real tool box, but I like symbolism and cheesy themes, so stick with on this.)

In my tool box are all the things I need to rebuild myself a healthier life. So, without further ado....

My Weight-loss Tool Box
  1. Support of family and friends (and anyone reading this blog!). They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I've made my problem public, because I know that I need people to have my back as I struggle and achieve and rock socks.
  2. A Routine. It's important to make room and time in your life for working out, planning meals, blogging/journaling, and learning. I finally have a schedule that keeps me busy, but allows me enought time to focus on being Loser Girl!
  3. Charts. Okay, maybe this is just me, but I love having calendars and charts and food journals because it makes me feel official, and helps me track my progress. I know how much I have worked out, what my goals are for the coming week, and what food I have consumed.
  4. Self-Confidence. If I didn't think I could do this, I wouldn't be here. The name "Loser Girl" means that I am ready to lose weight, but I don't think I am a loser. I am comfortable with myself, and simply ready to push myself to be the healthiest I can be.
  5. Clear Goals. I want to weigh 154lbs in 90 weeks. I want to achieve this without starving myself or becoming bored with exercise.
  6. A Good Gym. I like my gym. It's not too intense or intimidating, but it has good equipment and fun classes (I cannot wait to try Zumba!).
  7. Desire. I want this. I want a healthy body for myself, for my future. I want to put down the cookie so I can be comfortable on an airplane in the middle seat. I can walk that extra .5 mile to but a Large T-shirt, instead of an XLarge.
So that's my tool box! (woot woot!)


  1. I'd like to point out how TOTALLY PLU your "tool kit" is.

  2. Love the Tool Kit concept!
    I use that with stress management.
    Think I'll go with it for weight management as well.

    Another Tool: thedailyplate.com

    (It also tracks food, exercise, journal notes and helps by auto-calculating food/exercise data. You can also track your progress toward weight goals and it will figure out how many calories you can have to lose whatever your goal is for the week.)