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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekly Goals

Every week I am setting one or two goals. Last week my goals were to get to the gym three times (I got there twice), and to do some random calorie counting. I don't to focus on calories, but I would like to be more aware of what I am eating. For instance, did you know that a poached egg is about 68 calories? Or that a peach is about 31, but a nectarine averages at 57? I've looked at three different websites for calorie counting, and I have listed them below. Since I haven't used them extensively, I can't guarantee that they are the best out there, but they are what I have right now.

This week, my goal is to take a picture like the one to the right.

Just kidding! My goals this week are to, 1)try a new machine or class at the gym, 2)go on a hike. Even with the fall weather rolling in, it would be nice to visit mother nature, instead of just working it out on the treadmill. Also, I get to go to an Indian food buffet this week! What good foods await, and will I be able to eat with stuffing myself?

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